Sea Moss and Weight Loss

Sea Moss and Weight Loss

Sea moss is recognized for so many benefits, one of them being healthy weight loss or weight control. How does this work though?

Of course you don’t magically loose weight when taking sea moss. Let us find out what the secret is. Let’s start by understanding the reasons behind it.

• Sea moss contains iodine, which is a mineral found in a limited amount of foods.

• Iodine for example supports your energy levels, your reproductive health and protects the body from radiation

• This mineral produces thyroid hormones which help our metabolism and many other important functions in our bodies.

Some research also indicates that sea moss acts like fiber which fills you up and therefore reduces the feeling of hunger.

Sea moss’ gentle laxative effect, that can leave you bloated during the first days of using, supports body cleansing and a healthy elimination process which is important when trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

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